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This journal is friends only! Comment to be added.

Welcome new potential friends!
This LJ is the writing journal of [info]darkspirited1. As of June 2010, [ profile] amusingthemuse now contains all writing topics, whether that is actual stories or me ranting about my writing projects. darkspirited1 is for everything else that doesn't pertain to writing, such as life and school.

You do not need to be a friend at darkspirited1 first. In fact, you don't need to friend both accounts either. Many people simply like communicating with other writers while not paying attention to other real life drama and others like all the drama too.

Fanfics are usually public, but the original fiction is viewable to friends only except for current contest submissions for groups such as [ profile] brigits_flame.

If you wish to be added, please comment here or send me a PM. Please tell me who you are and how you found me as well as why you are interested in being friends. If you just add me without explanations as to who you are, you will not be added back. I also do not participate in friend cuts unless the journal you use is suspended or purged.

Once you're added, the following posts may be of interest to you:
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About My Journal
Table of Contents
Contact Information

Disclaimer on my Writing:
Some of my writing has been posted on [ profile] darkspirited1, deviantart, fanfiction, and my community [ profile] amusethemuse (this journal has taken the place of it). These pieces are also located here, and it is likely that they will be deleted from those locations and archived only here. If you are already a friend at [ profile] darkspirited1 and wish to view my writing at [ profile] amusingthemuse, request to join or send me a PM to invite you.

My critiquing policy is very simple: I want critiques. I enjoy critiques, both positive and negative. It is my full belief that feedback is the way in which I will grow, so never hesitate to point out something you see as you read.

General Disclaimer:
ALL material found at [ profile] amusingthemuse is copyrighted to [ profile] darkspirited1. You may NOT redistribute ANY of the material.

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on 2009-12-22 07:01 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
From your f-list! (meant to add this ages ago >.>) Would love to read your works :)

May I add you on my new writing journal as well?

on 2009-12-23 08:24 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Thank you :D


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