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What is Amusing the Muse?

Amusing the Muse or Amuse the Muse is where the creative works and ideas of [livejournal.com profile] darkspirited1 are posted. Some are completed and get the *completed tag. Others are works in progress. Still, others are just random ideas I have. Other pieces are one shots for contests or weekly prompts while others are pieces I did for school.

How come I can't read Insert title here?

Most of the posts are accessible for friends only. The exception is my fanfiction. Some original fiction may also be viewable for short amounts of time if they are part of a current contest entry.

So how come your fanfiction isn't locked?

Fanfiction is automatically posted publicly because it is viewable at my fanfiction.net account too. Original works are posted for friends only for a couple of reasons: A) to protect them from theft and B) because publishers usually won't publish already published works. Posting it on the Internet is the same as publishing, unless it is set to be viewable by a select few people. Making it friends only means that I could potentially have the work published later on. Other pieces, mostly the stuff I write in response to contest prompts, are viewable to the general public until voting is over.

Will you accept me as a friend?

Most likely yes, but it all depends if we have a common interest, if you can type normally and not in "txt spk omg lol," and if you are a nice person. If I already know you at my personal LJ, request to join and you will be added.

Can I post your work somewhere else?

NO. Nothing posted at [livejournal.com profile] amusingthemuse  may leave this site unless you have written permission from me, which you may obtain by sending me an email or commenting on this journal. I must then respond indicating a yes or no. If you receive no response, this does not mean you may take the work! All work is copyrighted to me as well.

I saw something you wrote posted at another site. Did you post it there or did someone else?

Things here are usually cross posted to [livejournal.com profile] darkspirited1  and [livejournal.com profile] amusethemuse (it was the community I created with the same purpose as this journal). Some pieces are also located at this fanfiction.net account and this deviantart account. If you found the piece anywhere else, please send me the link by PM or comment and I'll look into it. I appreciate your help in fighting thieves.

You didn't answer my question.

Well, that wasn't actually a question though, now was it? Leave a comment here or send me a PM, and I'll be glad to answer it.
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