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This journal is friends only! Comment to be added.

Welcome new potential friends!
This LJ is the writing journal of [info]darkspirited1. As of June 2010, [ profile] amusingthemuse now contains all writing topics, whether that is actual stories or me ranting about my writing projects. darkspirited1 is for everything else that doesn't pertain to writing, such as life and school.

You do not need to be a friend at darkspirited1 first. In fact, you don't need to friend both accounts either. Many people simply like communicating with other writers while not paying attention to other real life drama and others like all the drama too.

Fanfics are usually public, but the original fiction is viewable to friends only except for current contest submissions for groups such as [ profile] brigits_flame.

If you wish to be added, please comment here or send me a PM. Please tell me who you are and how you found me as well as why you are interested in being friends. If you just add me without explanations as to who you are, you will not be added back. I also do not participate in friend cuts unless the journal you use is suspended or purged.

Once you're added, the following posts may be of interest to you:
My Tags
About My Journal
Table of Contents
Contact Information

Disclaimer on my Writing:
Some of my writing has been posted on [ profile] darkspirited1, deviantart, fanfiction, and my community [ profile] amusethemuse (this journal has taken the place of it). These pieces are also located here, and it is likely that they will be deleted from those locations and archived only here. If you are already a friend at [ profile] darkspirited1 and wish to view my writing at [ profile] amusingthemuse, request to join or send me a PM to invite you.

My critiquing policy is very simple: I want critiques. I enjoy critiques, both positive and negative. It is my full belief that feedback is the way in which I will grow, so never hesitate to point out something you see as you read.

General Disclaimer:
ALL material found at [ profile] amusingthemuse is copyrighted to [ profile] darkspirited1. You may NOT redistribute ANY of the material.

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Please note that this layout looks best in Firefox. IE does not like the background.
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I was going to post this on every entry, but this is easier. :)

I fully believe that there are three ways writers learn: to write, to edit, and to receive con-crit.

I learned a long time ago to separate myself from the writing, so unless you're telling me I am a terrible person, I'm not going to take the commentary personal. Well, I hope I've separated myself enough anyway. I fully believe to "marry a draft" destroys it. In other words, I'd rather it be ripped apart and strengthened piece by piece.

I recently realized that I need to strengthen my voice. I also need to cut out those crappy adverbs and focus on making the words I use produce more images than it currently does.

All pieces posted here at [info]amusingthemuse are up for con-crit and editing. Please help me become a stronger writer by posting your feedback on any piece you see here, whether it was posted a year ago or it's posted tomorrow. If for whatever reason I decide I don't want con-crit and editing, I will post a disclaimer saying so.

Otherwise, it's a free for all. Thank you for any feedback you provide. Please let me know if you'd like something looked at as well because I'd love to offer you con-crit too! :)
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Last Updated 22:44 PM CST July 1st, 2010

Total Words to Date:

121,075 / 300,000* words. 40% done!

*As of May 31st, 2010, my year goal is 300K instead of 200K.

Monthly Reports:
JANUARY: 36,905 / 36,905 total
FEBRUARY: 6,069 / 42,974 total
MARCH: 27,840 / 70,814 total
APRIL: 30,701 / 101,515 total
MAY: 6,648 / 108,163 total
JUNE: 12,912 / 121,075 total

Daily Reports:
January Daily Breakdown )

February Daily Breakdown )

March Word Counts )

April Daily Breakdown )

May Daily Breakdown )

June Daily Breakdown )

July 1st - 493 Words + 100 Words

Project Break Down:

Knights, Squires, and Satire: Oh My!

Project Jamie: 


Project NOPE
January Daily Breakdown )
February Daily Breakdown )
March Daily Breakdown )
April Daily Breakdown )
May Daily Breakdown )
June Daily Breakdown:
  • June 1st - 1,500 Words
  • June 2nd - 989 Words
  • June 3rd - 4,166 Words
  • June 4th - 2,331 Words

The To-Do List (Script Frenzy Project)

  • April 6th - 3 pages - 605 Words
  • April 7th - 18 pages - 7,023 Words

Last Updated 22:44 PM CST July 1st, 2010
Note to self: April 24th Quicksand review not included in GYWO check in!

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This is a list of all the cartoons, fanfictions, novel excerpts, poetry and short stories that I have to share. Clicking on a link will take you to it's respective entry. Some of the items below are also published at &

Some material is FLocked, which means only friends may view them. You may request me as a friend, but that does not guarantee viewing rights. You can ask for it specifically by commenting on this post, but I am the one who ultimately determines who may view them, which means I might still turn you away.

Sorry. It's a theft protection thing.

Also, I love critiques, so please add yours!

Brigits_Flame Prompts Responses

Contest Entries for
[info]brigits_flame  [sorted by contest date/month]

BF Contest Entries Total: 13


100 Words Exactly - Any Format
Drabble Total: 2


NaNo Tails
Cartoons Total: 3


Essays Total: 6


Lion King stand-a-lone:
Tales of the Lion King Series:Miscellanious
  • Ella - October 2009 [Cinderella Retelling] - also listed under BF entries
  • A Flower in the Night - May 2005 [Sequel to A Raisin in the Sun] - also listed under School Assignments
  • Rahshar the Fire-wearer - February 2006 [Beowulf] - also listed under School Assignments

Fanfic Total: 6 (-3)

Novel Excerpts

Excerpts Total: 6 (-1)


Contest Entries or Prompt Inspired (5)

School Assignments (13)
Note: Items marked with a * are part of Project Night Owl, a school assignment from high school creative writing

Misc (8)

Poetry Total: 26

Reviews Reviews Total: 9

Short Stories

School Assignments (5)

Contest Entries for [info]brigits_flame  [sorted by contest date/month] (11)

Contest Entries for
tamingthemuse [sorted by contest date] (2)

Misc Prompts (2)

Short Stories Total: 20



Last Updated: June 29, 2010


Dec. 4th, 2008 05:58 pm
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What is Amusing the Muse?

Amusing the Muse or Amuse the Muse is where the creative works and ideas of [ profile] darkspirited1 are posted. Some are completed and get the *completed tag. Others are works in progress. Still, others are just random ideas I have. Other pieces are one shots for contests or weekly prompts while others are pieces I did for school.

How come I can't read Insert title here?

Most of the posts are accessible for friends only. The exception is my fanfiction. Some original fiction may also be viewable for short amounts of time if they are part of a current contest entry.

So how come your fanfiction isn't locked?

Fanfiction is automatically posted publicly because it is viewable at my account too. Original works are posted for friends only for a couple of reasons: A) to protect them from theft and B) because publishers usually won't publish already published works. Posting it on the Internet is the same as publishing, unless it is set to be viewable by a select few people. Making it friends only means that I could potentially have the work published later on. Other pieces, mostly the stuff I write in response to contest prompts, are viewable to the general public until voting is over.

Will you accept me as a friend?

Most likely yes, but it all depends if we have a common interest, if you can type normally and not in "txt spk omg lol," and if you are a nice person. If I already know you at my personal LJ, request to join and you will be added.

Can I post your work somewhere else?

NO. Nothing posted at [ profile] amusingthemuse  may leave this site unless you have written permission from me, which you may obtain by sending me an email or commenting on this journal. I must then respond indicating a yes or no. If you receive no response, this does not mean you may take the work! All work is copyrighted to me as well.

I saw something you wrote posted at another site. Did you post it there or did someone else?

Things here are usually cross posted to [ profile] darkspirited1  and [ profile] amusethemuse (it was the community I created with the same purpose as this journal). Some pieces are also located at this account and this deviantart account. If you found the piece anywhere else, please send me the link by PM or comment and I'll look into it. I appreciate your help in fighting thieves.

You didn't answer my question.

Well, that wasn't actually a question though, now was it? Leave a comment here or send me a PM, and I'll be glad to answer it.


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