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I was going to post this on every entry, but this is easier. :)

I fully believe that there are three ways writers learn: to write, to edit, and to receive con-crit.

I learned a long time ago to separate myself from the writing, so unless you're telling me I am a terrible person, I'm not going to take the commentary personal. Well, I hope I've separated myself enough anyway. I fully believe to "marry a draft" destroys it. In other words, I'd rather it be ripped apart and strengthened piece by piece.

I recently realized that I need to strengthen my voice. I also need to cut out those crappy adverbs and focus on making the words I use produce more images than it currently does.

All pieces posted here at [info]amusingthemuse are up for con-crit and editing. Please help me become a stronger writer by posting your feedback on any piece you see here, whether it was posted a year ago or it's posted tomorrow. If for whatever reason I decide I don't want con-crit and editing, I will post a disclaimer saying so.

Otherwise, it's a free for all. Thank you for any feedback you provide. Please let me know if you'd like something looked at as well because I'd love to offer you con-crit too! :)

on 2010-04-17 10:53 am (UTC)
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can you direct me to any pieces you'd particularly like to have looked at?

otherwise i will just poke around...


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